October - November 2014

As we head into autumn and winter water supplies are good. There was ample rainfall this year to maintain sufficient water levels in our rivers, lakes and streams. As cold weather approaches we should think about winterizing our plumbing around the home and farm. Make sure all pipes are protected from freezing. Always leave the cover over your meter. If you have open vents around your home's foundation they should be closed during cold weather if pipes are not insulated. Please report water leaks even if they seem small. Our after hours emergency number is 864-490-1296. Use this number only for emergencies and not billing questions. Remember that if service has been terminated for non payment it will not be restored after hours. Office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 until 3:00 and closed for all state recognized holidays. People have been receiving offers through the mail for insurance on their service lines. These are in no way associated with Grassy Pond Water Company and we do not endorse these policies.

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